Roadmap 2050

Roadmap 2050: a practical guide to a prosperous, low-carbon Europe has two primary objectives: a) to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of achieving at least an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions below 1990 levels by 2050, while maintaining or improving today’s levels of electricity supply reliability, energy security, economic growth and prosperity; and b) to derive the implications for the European energy system over the next 5 to 10 years.

Roadmap 2050 - Technical & Economic Analysis - Executive Summary

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Power Perspective 2030

Power Perspectives 2030 builds on the widely referenced Roadmap 2050: a practical guide to a prosperous low-carbon Europe, and provides an analysis of the next steps required in the development of the European power sector by 2030 in order to remain on track to full decarbonisation by 2050.

PP2030 - Full report

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Roadmap to reality

Over the last few years, ECF has been running a process on the transition to a low-carbon economy Europe, in cooperation with a large group of stakeholders in the energy debate. So far this has resulted in two pieces of technical and economic analysis: Roadmap 2050: a practical guide to a prosperous, low carbon Europe (April 2010) and Power Perspective 2030: on the road to a decarbonised power sector (November 2011).

From Roadmaps to Reality| Full Report

Annex 1| ECF Roadmap 2050 and Power Perspectives 2030 - Overview

Annex 2| Energy Roadmaps - EC, Eurelectric, Greenpeace - Overview

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Roadmaps to reality| Expert Survey

R2R - Seminar on Infrastructure

R2R - Seminar on Carbon Pricing & complementary measures - Briefing note

R2R - Seminar on Wholesale Power Markets - Briefing note

R2R - Progess update note

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Contributing Studies

The Contributing Studies to Roadmap 2050 is a set of publications strategically addressing some of the main challenges and short-term priorities as indentified by the Roadmap 2050 analysis in the move towards a low-carbon economy in Europe.

Energy Savings 2020 - Full Report

Energy Savings 2020 - Executive Summary

Energy Savings 2020 - Press Release

Energy Savings 2020 - Launch Presentation

Roadmap 2050 - Financing for a zero-carbon power sector in Europe

Presentation SAP, Opportunities of integrating IT solutions in local networks

Presentation, Red Elecrica Espagnola, Long Term Energy Acutions in Brasil

Presentation TU Berlin, Defining a post-2020 implementation framework for infrastructure

Presentation Imperial College London

Presentation IEA, Christina Hood, Summing Up The Parts

Presentation Brueghel, Georg Zachmann, The role of Carbon Pricing