From Roadmaps to Reality describes how the current EU energy framework can be improved to support the power sector towards full decarbonisation, in line with the Energy 2050 Roadmap analysis. The report is developed by a consortium of authors from ECF, E3G, RAP and ClientEarth in consultation with a large group of business, NGO and academic stakeholders.

It finds that a fully integrated Internal Energy Market in combination with a functioning Emissions Trading System is the most cost-effective and sustainable pathway to decarbonisation. However, policy makers need to take bold action to turn this vision into reality, by driving physical interconnections, activating the demand side, regionalising system operation and steering investments from high to low carbon assets. In the meantime, well-designed market interventions to support renewable technologies, energy efficiency and resource adequacy remain necessary.

The report concludes that EU governments should work towards a stronger EU energy framework that aligns market liberalisation and decarbonisation objectives, sets clear governance structures - including on a regional level - and adds delivery mechanisms to targets in the 2030 climate & energy package.

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