Power Perspectives 2030 builds on the widely referenced Roadmap 2050: a practical guide to a prosperous low-carbon Europe, and provides an analysis of the next steps required in the development of the European power sector by 2030 in order to remain on track to full decarbonisation by 2050. Based on extensive analysis conducted by the ECF, McKinsey, KEMA, Imperial College London, RAP and E3G, the study seeks to answer the question: "How do we overcome the challenges on the road to a robust zero-carbon power sector?"

The report focuses on the transition between today and 2030 and closely follows the sectoral emissions trajectory set out by the European Commission’s 8th March communication on a roadmap for a low carbon competitive economy by 2050, which indicates a CO2 emissions reduction range of ±60% in the power sector in 2030.

Power Perspective 2030 finds that existing plans for renewables and transmission grids up to 2020, if fully implemented, constitute an adequate first step to decarbonisation but that the transition needs to accelerate towards 2030 in order to remain on track to the 2050 CO2 abatement goal for the power sector. This acceleration implies a near doubling of investments in low-carbon generation and a near doubling of electricity grid capacity in the decade after 2020. Hence, in the current decade, the European Union, its Member States and the relevant commercial undertakings need both to ensure the implementation of current commitments and to establish an adequate policy and legal framework to steer the decarbonisation of the power sector beyond 2020.

The report consists of (1) a technical analysis (balancing the power system in transition) and (2) a perspective on the implication for the power markets in Europe.

The ECF wishes to thank the members of the core working group that provided feedback throughout the development of the report: GdF Suez, Dansk Energi, RWE, EdP, Dong Energy, Vattenfal, Vestas, Siemens, Shell, NationalGrid, Red Electrica Espanola, Energinet, Elia, & E3G

Power Perspective 2030

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